Private Baby Scans Croydon

Babyvue is a friendly, modern private pregnancy clinic near Croydon specialising in 2D Baby Scans, 4D Baby Scans, Early Pregnancy Scans, Gender Scans, Pregnancy and Fertility Blood Tests.

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Welcome to Babyvue

Private Baby Scans Croydon

Welcome to Babyvue, we’re an independently owned and operated private pregnancy clinic based in Orpington specialising in 2D ultrasound scans, 4D ultrasound scans, early pregnancy scans, and gender scans.

Our modern, clean and friendly pregnancy clinic was founded in 2018 in the heart of Orpington and we welcome you to our clinic near Croydon for your private baby scan.

Our friendly specialists are here for you and baby throughout your pregnancy and fertility journey.

2 Kelvin Parade, Orpington, BR6 8BS
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Private Baby Scans Croydon

Pregnancy Ultrasound Scans Croydon

Private Baby Scans

Babyvue is a private ultrasound scan clinic specialising in baby scans. We have a modern clinic equipped with the most up to date technology. We provide pregnancy scans, gender scans, and fertility ultrasound scans as well as pregnancy related blood tests in a relaxing and comfortable environment, you won’t feel rushed at Babyvue. We take our time and make sure each and every customer has a quality personal experience. We welcome customers from Croydon and across London, Surrey and Kent.

Babyvue is regulated by the Care Quality Commission

Babyvue is registered with, and regulated by, the Care Quality Commission (CQC). All our Sonographers are qualified professionals with NHS experience.

Babyvue is regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC)

Pregnancy & Fertility Blood Tests Croydon

Blood Tests

At Babyvue, we provide a wide range of pregnancy and fertility related blood tests to help guide you through your fertility and pregnancy journey. Our tests are performed in a clean, safe, clinical environment by a trained phlebotomist and sent to professional labs for processing.

Our Orpington Clinic

Welcome to Babyvue, we’re an independently owned and operated private pregnancy clinic based in Orpington specialising in 2D ultrasound scans, 4D ultrasound scans, early pregnancy scans, and gender scans.

Our modern, clean and friendly pregnancy clinic was founded in 2018 in the heart of Orpington and we welcome you to our clinic.

2 Kelvin Parade, Orpington, BR6 8BS
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Womens' Ultrasound Scans Croydon

Female Health

We provide a range of non-pregnancy women’s ultrasound scans including female pelvis scans, follicle tracking scans, and endometrial thickness scans. Below you will find all our women’s ultrasound scans at our modern, private ultrasound clinic in Orpington.

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It's straightforward and simple to book Croydon pregnancy ultrasound scans, women's health ultrasound scans, and pregnancy and fertility blood tests online. Just select the service you'd like, pick a date and time that suits you, and pay a small deposit.

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Babyvue Private Clinic

Here for you and baby

What to Expect From Your Early Pregnancy Scan

When you arrive at our clinic, you will be greeted by a member of our reception team and offered a seat while everything is made ready for you. Once you go into the scanning room, you will be attended by one of our registered and fully qualified sonographers, who will perform the scan and keep you informed of what is happening at all times. If you are less than 10 weeks into your pregnancy, you may need to have a transvaginal scan to see your baby, which is included in the price already.

Early Pregnancy Scan Near Croydon in Our Modern, Well-Equipped Clinic

An early pregnancy scan at our private clinic near Croydon is the perfect way to check on your baby’s health before your 12-week NHS scan. We can also date your pregnancy while you are here, show you a visualisation of your baby’s heartbeat and answer any questions you may have. Our beautifully appointed modern clinic is in Orpington, just ten miles down the road, ideally situated for new mums in Croydon and the surrounding area. If you would like to make an appointment for your early scan, you can either call us or use our convenient online booking system to book yourself in.

After Your Early Pregnancy Scan

Once your scan has been completed you can leave whenever you are ready. The digital images and video of your scan will be sent to you electronically as soon as possible, as well as a full wellbeing report. If you wish to have any further scans at a later date, such as a quick-peek or gender scan, you are more than welcome to make another appointment but if not, we wish you the all the happiness in the world as you look forward to welcoming your new baby into your family.

Private Ultrasound Scans Croydon

Private Ultrasound Scans near Croydon at BabyVue Clinic

BabyVue is a privately owned and operated clinic that specialises in providing pregnancy and fertility ultrasounds. We serve the entire south-east of Greater London, including Croydon. In addition to ultrasounds, we also perform early DNA tests, blood tests and more. The BabyVue clinic is large and comfortable and all baby scans are carried out in a relaxed and professional manner. For private ultrasound scans near Croydon, BabyVue Clinic is the preferred choice.

Experienced Staff + State of The Art Equipment = Highest Quality Baby Scans

Baby scans are intended to provide clarity. Clarity regarding the health of the baby, its gender and any other relevant information that may be of interest. But if the scan is carried out by inexperienced hospital or clinic staff using outmoded equipment, the results can cause more confusion than clarity. At BabyVue Private Baby Scan Clinic every member of our staff is a highly-experienced, highly-trained medical professional specialising in ultrasound technology. And our leading-edge equipment represents the absolute state of the sonographer’s art. We obtain the clearest possible images that help you make informed decisions about your pregnancy going forward.

2D and 4D Private Ultrasound Scans near Croydon

At BabyVue Baby Scan Clinic we offer mums a choice of 2D or 4D ultrasound scans. 2D is the traditional static image like a typical photograph. 4D, however, is an entirely different matter. A 4D scan provides height, width and depth (the 3rd dimension), as well as motion (the 4th dimension). Essentially, it is a video of your baby produced entirely by ultra-safe ultrasound waves. The type of scan you choose will be entirely up to you. But an increasing number of mums are choosing 4D for its astonishing clarity.

Croydon Baby Scans


Your Questions Answered

Happy Baby Bumps

Babyvue is here to make sure you and baby are happy and healthy. To make sure you feel welcomed, reassured, and in safe hands throughout your pregnancy and fertility journey. Here’s what our customers have said about their experience at our Orpington baby scan clinic on Google Reviews.

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  • Baby Scan

    We had such a great experience at BabyVue in Orpington. As others have mentioned, Elena is lovely and really went above and beyond to make sure we got some great... Charlotte, Verified Review

    Early Pregnancy Scan

    Fantastic early scan, I was nervous even though it’s our second pregnancy and there was no messing about! Within about 20 seconds of having the ultrasound on... JKW, Verified Review
  • Ultrasound Scan

    The staff were all amazing, very helpful and reassuring. It was lovely to see our little baby moving around and the lady that did our scan was great in... Sam, Verified Review

    Gender Reveal

    We came back to BabyVue today for a second visit, first was at 11 weeks and this time for an early gender reveal. Another great experience. Very ... Lisa, Verified Review
  • 4D Baby Scan

    The most amazing experience, very calm and relaxing. We had the 4D scan and Janene was so patient when the baby was hiding away and finally got the most ... Vicky, Verified Review

    Gender Scan

    Brilliant experience. Very welcoming, kind, friendly receptionist. Extremely talented sonographer. Exceptional level of knowledge and experience... Roberta, Verified Review
  • Early Baby Scan

    Excellent experience both times I have visited BabyVue. My first impression of the clinic was the friendly and professional approach of the staff who greeted me ... Kathryn, Verified Review

    Private Ultrasound Scan

    I had a great experience at BabyVue. The staff were professional and friendly. The scans were very clear and the price was very reasonable. I would definitely... Danielle, Verified Review