Early Pregnancy Scan

Early Pregnancy Scan

Performed between 6 – 14 weeks
An early pregnancy scan, also known as a dating scan, can be performed from 6 weeks to 14 weeks.

Early Pregnancy Scan

An early pregnancy scan, also known as a dating scan, can be performed from 6 weeks to 14 weeks and it’s the first pregnancy scan that a pregnant lady can have prior to the first NHS scan at 12 weeks.

  • Visualise your baby’s heartbeat (confirm viability)
  • Determine if the pregnancy is single or multiple
  • Date the pregnancy using the CRL measurement
  • Well-being report will be emailed to you
  • Transvaginal scan included if required
  • Give an earlier insight into your pregnancy prior to the standard first NHS scan at 12 weeks
  • The early scan must be at least 6 weeks gestation or if dates are unknown then 3 weeks since first positive pregnancy test
  • Please note that early scans especially gestations of less than 10 weeks often require transvaginal/ internal scans as the pregnancy is too small to be seen by scanning over the belly
  • Your scan movie clips and all digital images will be sent to you electronically
  • Includes 1 black and white thermal paper print
  • Extra colour photo prints available

A private early pregnancy scan, also called a dating scan, is the first pregnancy scan that a pregnant lady can have. People may book an early pregnancy scan to get an accurate measurement of how far along they are if they are not sure of their dates, this maybe because they have irregular periods or they simply can’t remember when the start of their last period was. People might also book an early pregnancy scan if they are concerned about their pregnancy if they are having pain or bleeding or if they have previously had a miscarriage. Although an early pregnancy scan cannot predict whether someone may have a miscarriage in future it will determine if they pregnancy is viable at the time of the scan by detecting the fetal heartbeat. People may also book this scan because they are curious and just want to see the baby. Seeing is believing after all and seeing your baby’s heartbeat for the first time is a life changing experience that makes the whole pregnancy seem so much more “real” than just getting a positive pregnancy test.


Support Tommy’s Charity

£1 from every Early Pregnancy Scan booking will be donated to Tommy’s charity.

Tommy’s is a charity that funds research into miscarriage and still births as well as providing information and support, for people experiencing miscarriage or still birth.

Learn more about Tommy’s at www.tommys.org.

Early Pregnancy Scan

Early Pregnancy Scan

The first thing our sonographer will do in an early pregnancy scan is determine if the pregnancy is viable, i.e. check if the baby has a heartbeat. The sonographer will show you the flicker of your baby’s heartbeat on the screen. Please note that we do not listen to the baby’s heartbeat until they are much older as listening uses high power ultrasound so to be on the safe side we don’t do this until they are over 14 weeks.

The sonographer will also determine if the pregnancy is single or multiple and check that the pregnancy is in the correct place.

The sonographer will measure your baby from head to bottom this is called the CRL (Crown Rump Length) and this is used to give an accurate estimate of how far along you are and what your due date will be.

We will take video clips and still images throughout the scan and these will all be emailed to you along with a report.

The sonographer will also print one picture for you to take home with you.

Often early scans are performed transvaginally as the pregnancy can be too small to be seen by scanning over the belly. This is called a transvaginal or internal scan and involves inserting an ultrasound transducer into the vagina. It doesn’t hurt and there is not risk to the mother or the baby. The transducer is disinfected in between each patient and a new disposable cover is put over the transducer for every scan. If you are less than 10 week when you come for a scan there is a high chance that the scan will be an internal scan. Before you have an internal scan you will be asked to go to the toilet to empty your bladder. There will be a privacy screen set up in the scan room for you to get changed behind and a gown provided for you to put on to keep you covered up throughout the scan.

The earliest we do early scans is 6 weeks gestation which is 6 weeks since your LMP (the first day of your last period ) or if you do not know your dates then 3 week after a positive pregnancy test. The reason for this is 6 weeks is the earliest we would expect to see a baby and a heartbeat. If you have a scan earlier than this, it will likely be an inconclusive scan as we may not see a baby or we may not see a heartbeat this may be normal but obviously can worry people and they would need another scan in two weeks time to confirm the pregnancy is viable. Sometimes we still have an inconclusive scan when people are 6 weeks as dates from LMP are not always accurate and can be out be up to a week or more. 

Your first pregnancy scan from 6 weeks

We do private early scans from 6 to 14 weeks, the first pregnancy scan you can have. The baby changes considerable during this time. At 6 weeks gestation the baby looks like a tiny grain of rice that measures 5mm with a flicker of a heartbeat seen in the centre.

At 9 weeks gestation the baby measures 23mm looks like a gummy bear with a head, body and short stumpy arms and legs, you may also see the baby wiggle and move around at this stage.

At 12 weeks the baby measures 54mm and looks like a baby with long arms and legs. The baby is often seen jumping around enthusiastically during the scan.

Private Early Pregnancy Scan at Babyvue Orpington

Early Pregnancy Scan FAQs

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