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Babyvue is an independent and modern private ultrasound clinic in Orpington providing 2D & 4D pregnancy ultrasound scans, early pregnancy scans, gender scans, pregnancy and fertility blood tests.

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Pregnancy Ultrasound Scans

Private Baby Scans

Babyvue is a private ultrasound scan clinic specialising in baby scans. We have a modern clinic equipped with the most up to date technology. We provide pregnancy scans, gender scans, and fertility ultrasound scans as well as pregnancy related blood tests in a relaxing and comfortable environment, you won’t feel rushed at Babyvue. We take our time and make sure each and every customer has a quality personal experience. We welcome customers across Bromley, London, Kent, Surrey and the surrounding areas.

Babyvue is regulated by the Care Quality Commission

Babyvue is registered with, and regulated by, the Care Quality Commission (CQC). All our Sonographers are qualified professionals with NHS experience.

Babyvue is regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC)

Pregnancy & Fertility Blood Tests

Blood Tests

At Babyvue, we provide a wide range of pregnancy and fertility related blood tests to help guide you through your fertility and pregnancy journey. Our tests are performed in a clean, safe, clinical environment by a trained phlebotomist and sent to professional labs for processing.

Our Orpington Clinic

Welcome to Babyvue, we’re an independently owned and operated private pregnancy clinic based in Orpington specialising in 2D ultrasound scans, 4D ultrasound scans, early pregnancy scans, and gender scans.

Our modern, clean and friendly pregnancy clinic was founded in 2018 in the heart of Orpington and we welcome you to our clinic.

2 Kelvin Parade, Orpington, BR6 8BS
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Babyvue Ultrasound Clinic Orpington

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Gifts & Accessories

To remember your scan day or to help you with your gender reveal we have selected the perfect gifts and accessories. Gifts and accessories can be purchased on the day of your scan at the clinic.

Babyvue Private Clinic

Here for you and baby

Pregnancy Ultrasound Scans

At Babyvue you'll find a full range of pregnancy and fertility scans and tests to support you throughout your journey.

There are two types of pregnancy ultrasound scans, you can get a traditional 2D ultrasound scan including early pregnancy scans, gender scans, quick reassurance scans, and growth scans. We also offer 4D pregnancy scans that show your baby move in real time and you can hear your baby's heartbeat, making for a magical meeting of baby for the first time.

All our pregnancy scans are at our private clinic in Orpington which is a friendly, comfortable and modern space. Where you can relax and trust in the safe hands of our specialist sonographers.

View our full range of pregnancy ultrasound scans.

Pregnancy Ultrasound Scans

Pregnancy & Fertility Blood Tests

Our trained phlebotomists and sonographers can provide you with a range of blood tests to investigate your pregnancy and fertility.

SneekPeek Clinical Gender DNA Test is the most popular blood test we provide at our clinic. This exclusive test can be performed from 8 weeks and identifies the gender of baby with a 99.1% accurate DNA-based blood test.

Our Harmony NIPT, a non-invasive pregnancy test, is another popular blood test that screens for chromosomal abnormalities such as Down’s Syndrome, Edward’s Syndrome, and Patau Syndrome.

View our full range of pregnancy and fertility blood tests.

Baby Scans

Women's Ultrasound Scans

At our private clinic, we also provide non-pregnancy ultrasounds to support female health including pelvis scans and follicle tracking scans.

Our female pelvis scan is a gynaecological scan that provides a detailed examination of the uterus, endometrium, and ovaries. This important scan can be used as a routine check-up, assist with difficulties when conceiving, heavy or irregular periods, as an assessment before fertility treatment, and investigate post-menopausal bleeding.

A follicle tracking scan assesses the location, number, and size of ovarian follicles as well as the thickness of the endometrium. This ultrasound scan can be used as part of the fertility treatment you may be receiving.

View our full range of women's ultrasound scans.

Private Baby Scans

Happy Baby Bumps

Babyvue is here to make sure you and baby are happy and healthy. To make sure you feel welcomed, reassured, and in safe hands throughout your pregnancy and fertility journey. Here’s what our customers have said about their experience at our Orpington baby scan clinic on Google Reviews.

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  • Baby Scan

    We had such a great experience at BabyVue in Orpington. As others have mentioned, Elena is lovely and really went above and beyond to make sure we got some great... Charlotte, Verified Review

    Early Pregnancy Scan

    Fantastic early scan, I was nervous even though it’s our second pregnancy and there was no messing about! Within about 20 seconds of having the ultrasound on... JKW, Verified Review
  • Ultrasound Scan

    The staff were all amazing, very helpful and reassuring. It was lovely to see our little baby moving around and the lady that did our scan was great in... Sam, Verified Review

    Gender Reveal

    We came back to BabyVue today for a second visit, first was at 11 weeks and this time for an early gender reveal. Another great experience. Very ... Lisa, Verified Review
  • 4D Baby Scan

    The most amazing experience, very calm and relaxing. We had the 4D scan and Janene was so patient when the baby was hiding away and finally got the most ... Vicky, Verified Review

    Gender Scan

    Brilliant experience. Very welcoming, kind, friendly receptionist. Extremely talented sonographer. Exceptional level of knowledge and experience... Roberta, Verified Review
  • Early Baby Scan

    Excellent experience both times I have visited BabyVue. My first impression of the clinic was the friendly and professional approach of the staff who greeted me ... Kathryn, Verified Review

    Private Ultrasound Scan

    I had a great experience at BabyVue. The staff were professional and friendly. The scans were very clear and the price was very reasonable. I would definitely... Danielle, Verified Review