Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

It is a condition of service that you have read and understood the below information about Babyvue scans.

Risks and Benefits from ultrasound scans

Are there risks from ultrasound scans?

At present there is very little scientific information available with which to assess the impact of exposure to ultrasound, particularly on the unborn child. However, antenatal ultrasound scans have been used for many years without apparent ill-effect.

Subtle effects have been reported in studies of brain development in small animals, and some studies in humans indicate changes in neurological functions following in utero exposures. While this data is not considered to provide clear evidence of a specific hazard, the possibility of subtle long-term effects cannot be ruled out. As well as this, the evidence on the effects of fetal ultrasound in humans mainly date from some time ago and used different techniques and lower exposures than are used today. There is little direct evidence on the safety of modern techniques, but no ill effects have been reported.

Health Protection Agency (HPA) advises that people should not hesitate to continue using ultrasound for diagnostic and other medical purposes, including in pregnancy. Such use has an established track record of safety and is regulated.

This information was gathered from public health England for more information please visit their website:


You can also find information at the British medical ultrasound society BMUS.

What to expect from a Babyvue pregnancy ultrasound scan

All Babyvue scans are performed by a qualified sonographer.

All Babyvue scans include a Basic well-being scan to check baby’s health and development. Wellbeing scans are designed only to rule out obvious abnormalities.  Well-being checks are not a suitable replacement for scans offered by the NHS. Babyvue customers are expected to attend all NHS appointments and scans. Babyvue customers are expected to notify the sonographer before they start the scan about any known health issue regarding their pregnancy. All BabyVue customers are expected to bring their NHS maternity notes with them, as we may need your notes to refer you to your local NHS if we find a problem. If we find a abnormality or suspect that there may be a problem with your pregnancy, we will inform you of our findings in an open and honest way, then we will refer you to your local NHS for treatment and or further investigations. Please note that customers will not be offered a rescan if the well-being check cannot be completed due to poor image quality caused by increased BMI or fetal position.

Not all abnormalities are visible on ultrasound and of the abnormalities that are visible some are very difficult to detect. BabyVue will perform a basic wellbeing check as part of all pregnancy scans and will endeavour to detect fetal abnormalities however BabyVue cannot be held liable for any abnormalities not detected.

Booking deposit

All appointments require a booking deposit, this is to hold your booking for you. Deposits made at the time of booking to hold your appointment are non-refundable. Should you cancel your appointment for any reason or if you fail to turn up on time for your appointment you will have forfeited your deposit and your deposit will not be refunded.

Ultrasound image quality and limitations

The quality of ultrasound images can be affected by many factors.

The position of the baby can have a huge effect on what images we are able to obtain and the quality of those images. We will try techniques to encourage the baby to move if they are not in the correct position but there is no guarantee that the baby will move.

Maternal weight is another big factor that effects ultrasound images quality. The more tissue the ultrasound must travel through the more degraded the ultrasound images will be. Customers who are overweight or obese should expect poorer quality images because of the physics of how ultrasound images are made.


Sometimes it can be difficult to obtain ultrasound images due to the baby’s position. Only one rescan will be offered to customers if the sonographer decides that the images that they were able to obtain were not of sufficient quality due to the baby’s position on the day of the scan. Babyvue will only offer 1 free rescan. Please note that customers will not be offered a rescan if the well-being check cannot be completed. Rescans will only be offered if we can not determine the gender on a gender scan or if we can not get 4D images for any 4D scan (this doesn’t include the sneak peek in 4D that is part of the gender scan). Rescans will not be offered for any reason for early /dating, growth and presentation or sneak peek reassurance scans.


Booking deposits are not refundable. Should you cancel your appointment for any reason or if you fail to turn up on time for your appointment you will have forfeited you booking deposit and it will not be refunded.

Babyvue scans are non-refundable. Once you have paid for your scan in full and had your scan it is not refundable.


We have an extremely high gender accuracy at Babyvue however customers should be aware that identifying a baby’s gender with ultrasound is never 100% accurate.

If you do not wish to find out the gender of your baby we won’t tell you, we will tell you to look away if think the gender might be seen on the screen however customers should be aware that although we will make every effort to keep the gender a secret we can not control the baby and if they move suddenly, their gender may be visible on the screen for a split second. This is very unlikely to happen and it is unlikely that you would be able to correctly interpret the images but please be aware that there is an exceedingly small possibility that you may accidently see the gender.