Baby Scans in Eltham

Baby Scans Near Eltham in a Comfortable Private Clinic

At just under 6 miles away, our private clinic near Eltham is a convenient and comfortable location for local mums-to-be to have a baby scan at any time during their pregnancies. We offer a range of 2D and 4D ultrasound baby scans at very affordable prices and because we are a privately-run clinic, you can make an appointment to come and see us whenever you wish. With easy parking and flexible appointment times, you won’t be flustered when you arrive and we’ll make sure you are comfortable and relaxed throughout your time with us. You can book your scan directly from the relevant page of our website or, if you’d prefer, you’re welcome to call and make an appointment over the phone.

Our Range of Baby Scans for Eltham Mothers-To-Be

If you would like to have a 4D full-colour scan, with moving images of your baby recorded, we recommend booking it for the 28th week of your pregnancy as this will ensure the best image quality possible. However, you may choose to have this scan anywhere from the 24th to 32nd week of your pregnancy. For 2D black and white ultrasound scans, we offer early/dating scans from 6-14 weeks, gender scans from 16-24 weeks, growth and presentation scans from 24-40 weeks and reassurance scans anytime from 14-40 weeks.

If you would like a reassurance scan, please note that we can only perform these after you have had your 12-week NHS scan. And for early/dating scans, a transvaginal scan may also be necessary if you are less than 10 weeks pregnant.

Why Have Your Baby Scans Near Eltham in Our Private Clinic?

If you live in the area, it will be more convenient than travelling into central London and compared to a public clinic, you will find the atmosphere a little calmer and more relaxing, which many expectant mums appreciate. As we have an experienced team of sonographers, you can also rely on us to provide you with accurate advice and information when you come for your scan. We welcome mothers-to-be from Eltham on a regular basis and would love to see you in the near future.