16 Weeks

Here is a list of all of our services at 16 weeks of pregnancy that include a Gender Scan and Early Pregnancy Scan.
  • Gender Scan
    Gender Scan
    Performed between 16 – 22 weeks
    A gender scan, also known as a sexing scan, can be performed between 16 weeks and 22 weeks of pregnancy.
  • 16 Weeks Gender Scan

    At 16 weeks the gender of your baby can accurately been seen on ultrasound. The sonographer will look in-between the babies legs to determine the gender. If you do not want to find out the gender in the scan room that is not a problem just let the sonographer know and they will turn the screens off while looking at the gender. We will print off an image of the girl or boy bits we will write its a boy or its a girl on the image and put that in and envelope for you to open later. If you wish to purchase a gender reveal balloon or gender reveal cannon we will get this ready for you to ensure you have a great surprise. A gender scan will also include a basic well being check from top of babies head to babies feet to ensure all is developing normally. We will listen to babies heart beat. There will also be a quick sneak peek of the baby is 4D.

  • Early Pregnancy Scan
    Early Pregnancy Scan
    Performed between 6 – 14 weeks
    An early pregnancy scan, also known as a dating scan, can be performed from 6 weeks to 14 weeks.
  • 16 Weeks Pregnancy Scan

    People will often choose to have a scan at 16 weeks even if they do not want to know the gender as it is in-between the 12 week NHS scan and the 20 week NHS scan. At 16 weeks the baby will look like a baby and is still small enough to see the entire baby on the screen. We will do a basic well being check, scanning from the top of babies head to babies feet to ensure all is developing normally. We will listen to babies heartbeat.

  • SneakPeek Gender Test
    SneakPeek Gender Test
    Gender From 6 Weeks
    99.1% accurate DNA-based blood test to find out your baby's gender from as early as 6 weeks into your pregnancy
  • 16 Weeks SneakPeek Test

    Most people would not have SneakPeek Test at 16 weeks as it takes about 1 week to get results and they could have gender scan instead.

  • NIPT Test
    NIPT Test
    Baby's Health From 10 Weeks
    NIPT - Non Invasive Prenatal Test that screens for the following chromosomal abnormalities: Downs Syndrome, Edwards Syndrome, & Patau Syndrome. Our new Harmony Test replacement.
  • 16 Weeks NIPT Test

    An NIPT test can been done anytime after 10 weeks. Some people will choose to have an NIPT test at 16 weeks if they have missed the opportunity to have the first trimester screening offer by the NHS. The first trimester screening can only been done between 11-14 weeks. The NIPT can be done anytime after 10 weeks so is a option for those that have missed the first trimester screening. The NIPT is also much more accurate than the first trimester screening so is also something people may choose to do if their first trimester screening has come back as high risk. The NIPT test is a blood test and does not harm the baby or the mother.

    16 Weeks

    16 Weeks FAQs

    Here are some of the frequently asked questions we get about pregnancy scans and services at 16 weeks. If you cannot find the answer to your question below then please reach out and we'd be happy to help.

    Happy Baby Bumps

    Babyvue is here to make sure you and baby are happy and healthy. To make sure you feel welcomed, reassured, and in safe hands throughout your pregnancy and fertility journey. Here’s what our customers have said about their experience at our Orpington baby scan clinic on Google Reviews.

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      Baby Scan

      We had such a great experience at BabyVue in Orpington. As others have mentioned, Elena is lovely and really went above and beyond to make sure we got some great... Charlotte, Verified Review
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      Early Pregnancy Scan

      Fantastic early scan, I was nervous even though it’s our second pregnancy and there was no messing about! Within about 20 seconds of having the ultrasound on... JKW, Verified Review
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      Ultrasound Scan

      The staff were all amazing, very helpful and reassuring. It was lovely to see our little baby moving around and the lady that did our scan was great in... Sam, Verified Review
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      Gender Reveal

      We came back to BabyVue today for a second visit, first was at 11 weeks and this time for an early gender reveal. Another great experience. Very ... Lisa, Verified Review
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      4D Baby Scan

      The most amazing experience, very calm and relaxing. We had the 4D scan and Janene was so patient when the baby was hiding away and finally got the most ... Vicky, Verified Review
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      Gender Scan

      Brilliant experience. Very welcoming, kind, friendly receptionist. Extremely talented sonographer. Exceptional level of knowledge and experience... Roberta, Verified Review
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      Early Baby Scan

      Excellent experience both times I have visited BabyVue. My first impression of the clinic was the friendly and professional approach of the staff who greeted me ... Kathryn, Verified Review
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      Private Ultrasound Scan

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