Ultrasound Scans in South London

Ultrasound Scans in South London at a Modern Private Clinic

Whatever part of South London you live in, you will find it easy to get to our private clinic in South London for ultrasound scans performed by our team of experienced experts. We offer a full range of traditional ultrasound scans to expectant mothers in the area:

  • Early Dating Scan – If you don’t want to wait for your 12-week NHS scan or you’d simply rather visit a comfortable private clinic, you can book an early dating scan with us anytime during the first 6-14 weeks of your pregnancy.
  • Gender Scan – Find out whether you are expecting a little boy or a little girl with a gender dating scan from 16-24 weeks.
  • Quick Peek/Reassurance Scan – Anytime between 14 and 40 weeks that you feel like having a quick peek to make sure everything is okay, you can pop into our clinic for a scan.
  • Growth and Presentation Scan – Performed between 24 and 40 weeks, our growth and presentation scan is designed to show you how much your baby has grown and what position it is currently in.

All of our ultrasound scans include a wellbeing scan and report, and all videos/images will be sent to you electronically after the scan has been completed.

Booking Your Early Pregnancy Scan

Convenient and Comfortable Ultrasound Scans in South London

If you want to have your scans in a comfortable, clean, uncrowded environment, attended to by top professionals with years of experience, BabyVue is the perfect clinic for you. Our modern clinic is very comfortable, scrupulously clean and fitted with the latest scanning equipment to ensure that all images and reports are of the highest quality.

Book Your Ultrasound Scans in South London with BabyVue Today

For your convenience, we have an online booking system that makes it easy for you to book an appointment directly from our website. However, if you would rather speak to someone before making your appointment, please do not hesitate to call at any time during clinic opening hours. We will be delighted to answer any questions you may have and to make an appointment for you to visit our South London clinic.