Private Ultrasound Scans in Croydon

Private Ultrasound Scans in Croydon at BabyVue Clinic

BabyVue is a privately owned and operated clinic that specializes in providing pregnancy and fertility ultrasounds. We serve the entire south-east of Greater London, including Croydon. In addition to ultrasounds, we also perform early DNA tests, blood tests and more. The BabyVue clinic is large and comfortable and all baby scans are carried out in a relaxed and professional manner. For private ultrasound scans in Croydon, BabyVue Clinic is the preferred choice.

Experienced Staff + State of The Art Equipment = Highest Quality Baby Scans

Baby scans are intended to provide clarity. Clarity regarding the health of the baby, its gender and any other relevant information that may be of interest. But if the scan is carried out by inexperienced hospital or clinic staff using outmoded equipment, the results can cause more confusion than clarity. At BabyVue Private Baby Scan Clinic every member of our staff is a highly-experienced, highly-trained medical professional specializing in ultrasound technology. And our leading-edge equipment represents the absolute state of the sonographer’s art. We obtain the clearest possible images that help you make informed decisions about your pregnancy going forward.

2D and 4D Private Ultrasound Scans in Croydon

At BabyVue Baby Scan Clinic we offer mums a choice of 2D or 4D ultrasound scans. 2D is the traditional static image like a typical photograph. 4D, however, is an entirely different matter. A 4D scan provides height, width and depth (the 3rd dimension), as well as motion (the 4th dimension). Essentially, it is a video of your baby produced entirely by ultra-safe ultrasound waves. The type of scan you choose will be entirely up to you. But an increasing number of mums are choosing 4D for its astonishing clarity.