Pregnancy & Baby Scans in Petts Wood

Highest Quality Pregnancy & Baby Scans in Petts Wood by BabyVue

Expectant mums need dependable information about their baby. They get it by visiting BabyVue Private Baby Scan Clinic just minutes from Petts Wood at the Orpington Thameslink. We are a modern, privately owned and operated clinic outfitted with state-of-the-art ultrasound imaging equipment, and staffed with highly-trained sonographers. For 2D and 4D ultrasound baby scans in Petts Wood, the BabyVue Clinic is the choice of discerning mums.

Multi-Purpose Baby Scans for Expectant Mums

Expectant mums get ultrasound scans for a variety of reasons. Some wish to know the gender of their baby. Others have them for dating purposes. And others simply want a glimpse of things to come and to be reassured that everything is proceeding normally. Whatever your reason for wanting a baby scan, the BabyVue Baby Scan Clinic is your best choice. Our combination of professional sonographers and leading-edge imaging equipment means we can provide details other clinics, and even many hospitals, simply can’t.

Your Choice of 2D or 4D Ultrasound Imaging

The standard ultrasound is a 2D image produced by soundwaves. As opposed to the light waves a photograph is made from. You can learn a lot about your baby’s health, gender and more from a 2D ultrasound image, which is why they are the default imaging method in most clinics and hospitals. At the BabyVue Clinic, we also offer stunning 4D baby scans that take prenatal imaging to an entirely new level. The 4D scan provides height, width, depth and motion (the 4th ‘D’), to produce a real-time motion picture of your baby as he or she rests inside you.

Visit Our Conveniently Located Clinic for Baby Scans in Petts Wood

The BabyVue Private Baby Scans Clinic is conveniently located within walking distance of the Orpington Thameslink station just 5 miles from the Queensway in Petts Wood. Whether you drive, take the Thameslink or take a taxi, the BabyVue Clinic is extremely easy to find with ample on-street parking. Make an appointment for your 2D or 4D scans by calling the BabyVue Clinic on 0168 983 0426, or by clicking the ‘Book Appointment’ button on our website homepage.